Wasser zu Wasserstoff in 3Minuten – mit Aluminium

Even if this article might be propaganda in the terms of „oooh checkout what we are spending your precious tax dollars on… no not another vietnam… this time it’s renewables!“

fear or research or whatever legitimizes the US military’s massive budget.

Just add water: Army researchers discover quicker, safer way to use hydrogen as energy

By: Charlsy Panzino


SRC: http://www.armytimes.com/news/your-army/2017/08/20/just-add-water-army-researchers-discover-quicker-safer-way-to-use-hydrogen-as-energy/

Army researcher Anthony J. Roberts inflates a balloon with hydrogen produced from a chemical reaction between water and an aluminum nanomaterial powder created at the U.S. Army Research Laboratory at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland. (David McNally/Army)

Researchers are hoping the discovery of a new energy source will shed troops of heavy batteries and allow them to complete their missions without having to resupply.

Engineers and scientists at the Army Research Laboratory found a way for water to react with an aluminum alloy powder that produces hydrogen without any other catalysts in under three minutes.

While the reaction and production of hydrogen isn’t new, the aluminum nanomaterial the researchers designed causes water to split apart — into two hydrogen molecules and one oxygen molecule — when it comes in contact with the aluminum material.

“We have discovered an aluminum alloy powder, which when added to water, produces hydrogen very rapidly,” Dr. Anit Giri, a physicist at the Aberdeen Proving Ground lab in Maryland, told Army Times