GeoThermal GeoDesic Storm resistant self cooling Domes – How to grow Lemons in Nebraska

GeoThermal GeoDesic Storm resistant self cooling Domes?

sounds like the one that „does it all“ – yet to be invented – but get some inspiration:
checkout website of the profi:

Denmark Plexiglas Dome

hab da mal was vorbereitet: (keine Garantie auf Korrektheit, made with Love & Open Source (, hier die original Datei: Dome-Gewächshaus-Dä


Created with GIMP

for this to work, it needs to be „underground“

this is also called Walipini greenhouse.

(download mirror: Walipini Construction (The Underground Greenhouse) 1257.pdf


Russ Finch lives in northwestern Nebraska in the town of Alliance. He designed and built ‚The Greenhouse in the Snow,‘ a greenhouse that runs only on a small fan that circulates geothermal heat. Using energy costs of about one dollar a day, Russ produces hundreds of pounds of citrus fruit every year to sell at local farmer’s markets.

Mr Finch grows Eureka Lemons and Valencia Oranges (for juice) Mandarines, Figs, he believes even Bananas could be possible ?

so maybe:

  • dome structure = does not give storms/wind too much attack surface
  • dug it into the ground!
    • to have the ground keep your fruit trees warm during winter times
  • ventilation:
    • some window(s) to let heat escape
    • maybe also need windows at the bottom to make use of the Buckminister Fuller dome cooling effect
  • irrigation:
    • if it is possible with massive amounts of high tech that would be great

good about greenhouses:

  • they can trap/store heat/energy.
  • which makes plants grow faster.
  • geodesic domes look quiet pretty
  • especially tomatoes love it
  • you could grow tropical plants in northern hemispheres

bad about greenhouses:

  • they have a big „attack surface“ for storms and winds
    • i have seen greenhouses basically constantly being taken apart by wind
  • it does not rain inside them
    • you will have to install some kind of irrigation
    • very cool would be if it automatically lets the rain in
  • during sommer it could get too hot / too much heat could get trapped
    • possibly drying out and damaging the plants

but if the ventilation system is designed the Buckminister Fuller way…

it might be possible for the structure to cool itself.


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