Überdachte Fahrräder Pedelecs – Vierrad Fahrrad – Quadro 4 Wheel Bicycle with a Roof



Ausführiches Interview & Fahrtest: es begeistert sogar e-Motorrad-Fahrer! 🙂

evovelo.com (leider eingestampft)


Same same but different: Schaeffler Bio Hybrid Quadro 4 Wheel Bicycle with a Roof

… that never went into production.

„Das Pedelec-Startup Bio-Hybrid GmbH ist endgültig gescheitert. Nachdem die Geschäftsführung im April diesen Jahres einen Insolvenzantrag stellen musste, verlief die Suche nach Investoren erfolglos. Im Handelsregister wurde das Start-up Mitte Juli aufgelöst.“ https://www.electrive.net/2021/07/28/bio-hybrid-gmbh-aufgeloest/

„you don’t even have to peddle hard“ d.h. man muss nicht wirklich stark treten, 90% macht der Elektro-Motor, d.h. man kommt auch ohne Schweiß in’s Büro.


That’s how a lot of those projects end 🙁

„Dear friends,“

„We regret to announce that, after almost 8 years of development and efforts to offer a simple solar autonomous alternative to private transportation, we have decided not to continue with the evovelo project.

Due to the enormous difficulties in raising funds and the current climate of uncertainty, we have made the decision to put the project up for sale, as it has not been possible for us to successfully complete the production of the first units.

We are hopeful that maybe another company will be able to fulfill what we began and we are open to proposals.

We are very proud of the whole community that has been created around our project and we sincerely hope that other alternatives will emerge that will inspire us as much as did.

Best regards,
evovelo Team“