Smart Electric Urban Mobility aus Österreich

Will it come to the markets? Where are the banks? the investors?

The first electric car took to the streets 100 years ago…. why has nothing changed? (BigOil + Lobbyism, Lobbyism, Lobbyism!)



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India To Go All Electric By 2030, Not A Single Petrol/Diesel Car Will Be…

„Short Bytes: If the latest announcement by the Indian Union Minister Piyush Goyal comes to fruition, the cars plying on Indian roads would be all electric by the year 2030. The government plans to support the electric automobile industry in the mass rollout and build the necessary infrastructure required for charging the electric cars.
India finds its cities in the list of the world’s most polluted places, but the latest announcement will make the air clearer for the citizens.
By 2030, the government wants to materialize their hard-to-achieve dream of the making all cars electric. The move will also reduce the costs currently borne by the government for import of petroleum and related products.“