The costs of climate change – Mehr Stürme – kosten mehr Geld – KlimaWandel koschtet

„First Harvey, then Irma, and the hurricane season isn’t over“

„Early estimates of the combined damage from the pair of record-breaking storms could reach $290 billion—nearly a quarter of the total costs of all natural disasters in the United States from 1980 to this year.

That doesn’t account for the wildfires and extreme heat burning up the American West, or the nine major disasters—including drought and floods—that hit the country from January to July.“ (src)

USA at war with the climate. Why not give change a chance?

Solution: Everyone can do something

if you can afford it – try to become as (energy, water, food) independent as possible.

You can get a basic car battery 100watts solar charger and panel for under 200USD!


Two wires to the panel – two wires to the battery – two wires to your 12v consumer!

I recommend attaching this to your consumer wires:

it will monitor voltage of your output and allow you to connect small consumers like 2x phones and a 12v laptop power adapter with little consumption.

protest the nonsense:

Warren Buffet actively destroys solar alternatives in Nevada:

Become vegetarian 😀 Meat production is causing a lot of climate changing gases from methane to co2.

Time for Alternatives: Tesla builds the worlds largest battery within 100 days:

buy a tesla – if not buy a twizy 😀