Japan Fukushima – uncurable radiated – Heillos Verstrahlt bitter speziell für Familien mit Kindern

„the adults did not enough against nuclear power“ and their innocent children will pay the price… children are especially affected by nuclear radiation because their body cells like to grow… so does cancer.

What i REALLY do not understand, why a company like TEPCO still exists.

I would have made it pay to the last dime… and executed their CEO (Chief Executive Officers).

If i was a parent of a child dying of cancer in japan… i would have gathered some friends and taken the japanese sword and fight to TEPCO’s office.

They caused greate damate to Japan and it’s population. Also: It would be interesting to do research on the origin of the underwater earthquake…. atleast dive there and have a look…

„die Erwachsenen haben nicht genügend gegen die Atomkraft gemacht“

Power stations and generation capacity by TEPCO

  • Hydro: 160 / 8,521.0 MW
  • Thermal (oil, coal, LN(P)G, geothermal): 26 / 36,995.0 MW
  • Nuclear: 3 / 17,308.0 MW
  • Wind: 1 / 1.0 MW <- THIS IS RIDICULOUS… it is like 1x Windmill…
  • Total: 190 / 62,825.0 MW

There are single Wind-Mills that can produce 3-5MW! ONE SINGLE WINDMILL!


„Enercon has a market share of 7.2% world-wide (fifth-highest) and 59.2% in Germany.[5]“




Geisterstädte: Japan: Die Todeszone rund um Fukushima – ONE …


vor 2 Tagen … 05:30 Uhr Geisterstädte: Japan: Die Todeszone rund um Fukushima Ein Film … ONE. Stereo. Seit der Reaktorkatastrophe von Fukushima gibt es um … (mit STRG oder CMD) ausgewählt werden. Technische Attribute. HD-TV

Wer immer noch für Atomkraft ist möge einmal um das Reaktorgebäude spazieren… dann erledigt sich das von selbst.