How to fight cancer the fun way – Dr Nakamats

Dr Nakamats hat angeblich die FloppyDisk (Diskette) oder Teile dafür erfunden – leider hat er – ähnlich Steve Jobs auch einen schwer therapierbaren Krebs… aber er gibt nicht auf.

Is it fiction – is it real – i don’t know.

„He should know. Nakamatsu—Dr. NakaMats, if you prefer, or, as he prefers, Sir Dr. NakaMats—is an inveterate and inexorable inventor whose biggest claim to fame is the floppy disk. “I became father of the apparatus in 1950,” says Dr. NakaMats, who conceived it at the University of Tokyo while listening to Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5. “There was no mother.”

Though Dr. NakaMats received a Japanese patent in 1952, this virgin birth is disputed by IBM, which insists its own team of engineers developed the device in 1969. Still, to avoid conflicts, Big Blue struck a series of licensing agreements with him in 1979. “My method of digitizing analog technology was the start of Silicon Valley and the information revolution,”

Nakamatsu has gained much of his fame from his claim to have invented the floppy disk in 1952. He claims to have licensed his floppy disk patents to IBM Corporation in 1979, but that the details are confidential.[2] An IBM spokesman, Mac Jeffery, said that the company does license some of his patents, but not for the floppy disk, which they invented on their own.[24] IBM reached licensing agreements with Nakamatsu in the late 1970s.[11][25]

Nakamatsu is also the inventor of Love Jet, a sexual enhancement product which he created out of concern about Japan’s declining birthrate. In a 1995 interview, he explained that the purpose of the aphrodisiac was „to save Japan“.[26]

„Japan’s birth rate is declining,“ he explains. „It is now down to just 1.53 children per couple. That means there will be no more Japanese in 800 years. So I invented this to promote having children. I invented this to save Japan.“

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